The charm of calligraphy lies not only in the external beauty, but also in the inner god

The charm of calligraphy lies in seeing the strange in the ordinary.

Calligraphy is the art of lines, as some people say. There are no more than three colors in a calligraphy work, and the large area is monotonous black and white. And a successful calligraphy work is to use this monotony to show the meaning of “sparse and impenetrable”. The interspersed ink lines and the change of pen and ink color show the unique artistic charm of the East.

Isn’t this like our life? There are few legendary colors, but more plain. And what we have to do is to be down-to-earth, in ordinary life, use the pen of your and my indifferent and tranquil souls to describe more novel flavors, and strive to create a colorful life with infinite charm.

The charm of calligraphy lies in its softness and cohesion.

The traditional art of calligraphy is to write on rice paper with a brush. The brush is soft and hard, but no matter how hard it is, it is only the vellus hair of an animal, and it is always soft. But the handwriting swayed with “soft” is powerful, strong and tenacious. The arc of the seal script is capable of leveraging the tripod, the heavy and heavy official script, the rigorous and angular regular script, the handsome and iron-painted silver hook in the running script, and the agility of the cursive script is just as shocking as a dragon.

In fact, life is like a piece of rice paper, we are just a brush. Everyone is small and weak from nature to the world, but we are weak and we have to face countless unpredictable sufferings and encounter endless setbacks, but in any case, we have to write the strongest and most powerful stroke in life. Not in vain.

The fun of calligraphy can only be truly felt when it is fully swayed, but its most unique charm value can still give us all kinds of enlightenment and enlightenment in life.

Calligraphy, crazy for you,love you in this life without regret!

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