Tea Culture——Three Teas and Four Wines

“Three teas and four wines” means that when tasting tea, there should not be too many people, but two or three are appropriate; while drinking is not the case. Compared with tasting tea, there can be more people.

This is because tea tasting pursues elegance and quietness, focusing on tasting and sipping, and slowly understanding. Many people say that tea is like life: experiencing the culture of tea and the life in tea in a slow-down time. The pursuit of drinking is a bold and enthusiastic atmosphere. This is also one of the important differences between tea culture and wine culture.

Seven or eight people drink tea together, the environment is complicated, the mind is scattered, and it is not easy to talk.Drinking tea is not only aimed at quenching thirst and maintaining health, but also to taste the nature of tea and experience all the flavors of life.Secondly, the properties of tea and wine are different, because tea is not suitable for a wide range of properties, and water-soluble extracts are limited.Even if the tea is brewed with the normal tea-water ratio, the taste of the tea will usually be weakened after repeated injections.

The so-called “three teas and four wines” means that there should not be too many people tasting tea together. Two or three people are enough to maintain an elegant, clean, and meticulous atmosphere.

The tea floats up and down in the cup, and the aroma is overflowing. At first glance, it looks plain and unremarkable. If you want to distinguish its pros and cons, you have to taste it carefully.Maybe because of everyone’s busyness and hard work in their own passions, but will you recall your original intentions at the time?Stop for a while, meet up with three or five friends, drink a cup of tea, and regain your original heart

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