Red Lantern

Red lanterns, traditional Chinese festival supplies. On major festivals and happy occasions, the majestic Tiananmen Gate, the streets, shops, parks, and even the entrances of some large buildings and private homes in many cities and towns across the country will hang round red lanterns. At night, the lanterns were lighted up and the red light was shining in all directions, which looked grand, warm, and beaming. However, with the increase in cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries and the rise of China’s international status, more and more foreigners have a sense of identification with the Chinese “lantern”, and they regard it as a traditional Chinese culture and respect it.

Chinese traditional festival supplies
There are two most prominent examples: in 2005, when President Hu Jintao visited the United Kingdom, a bright five-star red flag was hoisted on the Royal Road leading to Buckingham Palace; the red lanterns of Burlington Palace where the Royal Academy of Art is located are high, and the fountain in the courtyard is also marked Red lights appear; some iconic buildings in London, such as the 135-meter-high “British Airways London Eye” and the historic Somerset House are also shrouded in red lights; several major shopping avenues in London, such as Oxford Red lanterns were also hung on Street, Regent Street and Bang Street. The whole of London seems to be shrouded in a sea of ​​brilliant red lanterns.
The United Kingdom is the country with the most immigrants from Hong Kong. London also has the largest Chinese community in Europe. Every New Year and Spring Festival, the Chinese community hangs all kinds of red lanterns, one by one, row after row, gorgeous and eye-catching. Attracting many foreigners to come and watch.
The French capital, Paris, has hosted many Chinese cultural events in recent years. The gate of the Paris City Hall, the Champs-Elysées, the banks of the Seine River, and even the tall Eiffel Tower have been decorated with red lights and hung up. Unclear red lanterns and Chinese knots. Chinese red lanterns bloomed brilliantly in a foreign country.
The history of lanterns has a long history. According to Wei Cuncheng, a famous Chinese archaeologist, Chinese lanterns are the earliest portable lighting tools invented in the world. The “Dong” in the oracle bone inscriptions may be a depiction of the original lantern image. “Southern History” records the sentence “Hang Ge Lantern on the wall”. Ge, is white coarse cloth woven from hemp, and lanterns made from it may be the original embryonic form of yarn lanterns. Its purpose is to indicate the official title, name and identity of the door lamp (wind lamp). The red lanterns only prospered after the founding of New China. After years of development, they have formed the festive lanterns for today’s festivals.

Inheritance and development

Nowadays, red lanterns are popular all over the country, and the production is more exquisite. For example, the eight red lanterns on the Tiananmen Gate are 2.23 meters high, 8.05 meters long, and weigh about 80 kilograms. During the Lunar New Year of the Rooster, nearly a hundred red lanterns were hung in the Plaza of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai. On National Day, the residents of a residential area in Guiyang used 300,000 red lanterns to form a long corridor, which made the inside and outside of the area beaming, adding a strong festive atmosphere…
As a traditional folk handicraft, the red lantern is still circulating in the land of China. In the long history of the Chinese nation, it plays an irreplaceable role. It symbolizes the splendid culture of the Chinese nation and is part of the intangible cultural heritage.
In the eyes of the Chinese, the red lantern symbolizes family reunion, business prosperity, and prosperity, and symbolizes happiness, brightness, vitality, completeness and wealth, so everyone likes it. Especially in areas where overseas Chinese live in concentrated communities, such as Chinatown, red lanterns are hung throughout the year. This tradition permeates the unique and rich cultural heritage of the Chinese nation. The red lantern has become a symbol of Chinese culture.
Of course, in some countries, due to different cultural backgrounds and different beliefs, some people do not understand the meaning of red lanterns and think that lanterns have damaged the image of the city. Even think that it is old and decayed. A Mexican friend who had watched the film “Raise the Red Lantern” directed by Zhang Yimou said that the atmosphere of the film was very depressing, and women were oppressed and restrained in feudal society. The whole film gave him a deep impression. He would still think of some plots in the movie when he saw the red lantern.
During the New Year, prepare a red lantern to hang in the courtyard or house. The red lanterns are lit and hung in the courtyard or in the house on the Lunar New Year’s Eve, illuminating the night and the peace and happiness of the whole family. This is a custom for many years, and it is also a kind of childlike childhood

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