Custom-made Chinese Courses for Groups

About the College

  1. Shenzhen University has trained up to20,000 international students so far. 

2.The College of International Exchange (CIE) adopts a multicultural education and provides a variety of Chinese language and cultural training courses.

3.CIE boasts passionate faculty with extensive experience of teaching the Chinese language and has a strong reputation among students with a retention rate of over 80%

4.The language course and after-class practice offers students crucial insights to understand Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. 

5.Shenzhen University has beautiful campus, convenient transportation and excellent facilities. 


1.Program description

The Program offers offline classes, online classes, business Chinese training and various short-term trainings tailored to groups.

2.Course schedule: customizable

3.Course location:

Courses can be delivered online and offline, and door-to-door service can also be provided according to actual needs.


The Program boasts excellent faculty who have been engaged in the teaching of Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language for more than a decade. All faculty members have the International Chinese teacher certificate and most of them have the title of professor or are PhD-holders.

5.Other services:

Support from a dedicated manager to assist with any questions you may have on the courses

  1. Fees: vary according to the course

III. Available courses

  1. Long-term offline training courses
  2. Long-term online training courses
  3. 7-day and 14-day training courses and other short-term trainings
  4. Business Chinese Training Course for Senior Managers

(1) Offline business Chinese comprehensive and oral training designed specifically for senior managers in Shenzhen according to their needs

(2) Market research and other courses related to the Chinese market according to demand

(3) Opportunities to visit Chinese companies

(4) Field investigations to understand local customs and market development