An invitation from China

An invitation from China
Author: Wang Sa into (South Africa)
Xiao Sacheng:

Hello there! I know that you are busy preparing for South Africa’s college entrance examination, but I really want to write a letter to tell you who are flying to China in the near future!

I want to tell you that in a few months you will embark on your first long journey alone in your life, flying 12,000 kilometers to China, your future home. I want to tell you that when you set foot on the land of China, your life will depend on China’s heart and will change forever.

You will find a country that is very different from your own culture: listen to a language that is harmonious and fun but you don’t understand at all, taste many delicious foods that don’t always suit your appetite, and enjoy a seaside city with a long summer. Style. You will come to a city called “Shenzhen people come”, where you can study, live, and make friends with classmates and friends from all over the world. You will listen to the cicadas and spend endless summers. Sit around with your friend Ya to have barbecue or spicy hot sauce, and spend a pleasant evening in the singing of KTV. Before you know it, you will find that you have integrated into this city and are deeply in love with this land and the kind, enthusiastic, and friendly people on this land.

You will go to a city called Chengdu, where you will feel the loud voices of Kuanzhai Alleys, the busy traffic of Chunxi Road, and the flourishing atmosphere of the beginning of the Hua Deng, while drinking green tea, tasting the Three Cannons and Juntun Guokui, while marveling The mystery of Sichuan Opera’s changing face is rapidly changing. You will ascend to the golden summit of Mount Emei and be rewarded by the boundless wind and moon of heaven in the clouds. The blazing sun at dawn will render the entire sky into a majestic and magnificent landscape picture. When you finally leave, you will find that the leisurely time is melted in the gaiwan tea. This city of abundance, its prosperity and beauty, and its leisurely and faint charm will make you linger in your dreams. You are unforgettable.

You will also go to a city called Guangzhou, where you learned to bargain with vendors in the clothing market and tasted authentic Cantonese morning tea. When you first saw chicken feet made such a delicious ingredient, your surprised expression made your friends laugh cheerfully. When you cruise the Pearl River at night by boat, you will marvel at the light show of fish projected on the “little waist”. Those fish seem to swim around you, and the Guangzhou Tower stands tall in front of you like an angel guarding the ocean.

Your best Chinese friend will take you to visit her hometown of Huizhou. You will see a historic city with such a profound cultural and cultural heritage. The local prosperous business miracle was created by young artists. When you see the various cultural creativity of local companies, the innovation and fresh atmosphere will make you admire the ingenious integration of art and commerce. You will be impressed by the charm of the perfect fusion of history and modernity. Will have a natural love for Huizhou people, and even want to know if I can do my part for Huizhou in the future.

Xiao Sacheng, I want you to know that you have to go through many adventures in your life, and the experience of studying in China is new and unique to you, and will be unforgettable for you! I want to tell you how much you will like to learn Chinese language and culture in the future. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Please accept China’s invitation and tell the people of South Africa the legend of China!

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