Online Chinese Courses for 2021 Spring Semester

About the College

  1. Shenzhen University has trained up to20,000international students so far.
  2. The College of International Exchange (CIE) adopts amulticultural educationand provides a variety of Chinese language and cultural training courses.
  3. CIE boasts passionate faculty with extensive experience of teaching the Chinese language and has astrong reputationamong students with a retention rate of over 80%.
  4. The language courses and after-class practice offer students crucial insights tounderstand Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.
  5. Shenzhen University has beautiful campuses,convenient transportationand excellent facilities.
  6. Program

1.Program description

The program offers online Chinese courses with fixed credit hours. Weeks 1-8 of each semester are the first period, and weeks 9-16 are the second period (excluding public holidays). Each study period has 144 credit hours. Students can choose either oneperiod course of 144 credit hours or twoperiod course of 288 credit hours and complete the course in half a year or a year.

Students who sign up for the 144 credit hour course in the spring semester 2021 will get 16 extra credit hours for free, and students who sign up for the 288 credit hour course will get 32 extra credit hours for free.

  1. Courses

(1) Regular language courses: Integrated Chinese, Chinese Speaking, Chinese Listening, Chinese Listening and Speaking, Chinese Reading and Writing, etc.
(2) Intensive language courses: Mandarin Pronunciation, 
Intensive Training on Chinese Characters, Beginner Communicative Chinese, Elementary Communicative Chinese

(3) Chinese culture courses: Chinese Tea Art, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Introduction to Chinese CultureIntroduction to Shenzhen, etc.

(4) Chinese corner
3. Faculty

The program boasts excellent faculty who have been engaged in the teaching of Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language for more than a decade. All faculty members have the International Chinese teacher certificate and most of them have the title of professor or are PhD-holders.

  1. Class schedule

Study period 1 (week 1-8): March 3rd – April 28th (excluding public holidays)

Study period 2 (week 9-16): April 29th – June 25th (excluding public holidays)

(1)Regular language courses: 8:30-11:40am (Beijing Time) on weekdays

(2)Intensive language courses: 19:30-21:00 (Beijing Time) on weekdays

(3)Chinese culture courses: 13:00 (Beijing Time) on weekdays

  1. Minimum class size: 8
  2. Other services

A dedicated manager (consultant) will work with you one-on-one to provide guidance on the online courses after successful registration.

  1. Platform

ClassIn (real-time broadcast and can be watched later)

  1. Certificate

Those who complete the required credit hours and pass the exam will receive an electronic course completion certificate.

9.Fees: 4000 yuan/period (one semester)

7800 yuan/2 periods (one year)

III. Features

  1. After successful registration, you will have adedicated manager(consultant) to work with you one-on-one to provide guidance on course selection and follow-up services. You can choose a course depending on your personal circumstances.
  2. The program offers afree trialand free PDF textbooks.
  3. The program offers a wide range of intensive language and Chinese culture courses.
  4. The program offers online traditional Chinese culture and Chinese businesslecturesand music gatherings each semester.
  5. The program helpsyoupractice speaking Chinese in Chinese Corner where you can communicate with students majoring in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages online.
  6. The program offers language proficiency tests uponadmission to help you identifyyour level in Chinese. 
  7. The program usesClassInto live stream the class, allowing real-time teacher-student interactions. You can communicate with teachers one-on-one via Wechat after class, and the teacher will correct your homework and leave comments online. 
  8. All the content of the class is recorded so that it can bewatched for freeanytime and anywhere.