Long-term Offline Chinese Courses for 2021 Spring Semester

  1. Aboutthe College
  2. Shenzhen University has trained up to20,000 international students so far.
  3. The College of International Exchange (CIE) adopts amulticultural educationand provides a variety of Chinese language and cultural training courses.
  4. CIE boasts passionate faculty withextensive experienceof teaching the Chinese language and has a strong reputation among students with a retention rate of over 80%.
  5. The language coursesand after-class practice offer students crucial insights tounderstand Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.
  6. Shenzhen University has beautiful campuses,convenient transportationand excellent facilities.

  1. Program Description

    Course schedule
    Monday to Friday, 8:30-11:40AM, 20 credit hours per week, which means 40 minutes of real-time classroom teaching

    According to the course level, comprehensive Chinese, oral Chinese, Chinese listening, Chinese reading and writing, audiovisual Chinese, etc.

    Elective Courses
    Online courses: Communicative Chinese for junior high school, Elementary Communicative Chinese, Mandarin pronunciation, intensive training of Chinese characters, Cantonese, Learn Chinese by listening to songs, Chinese corner

    Offline courses:Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, Chinese tea art, Tai Chi, etc.

    Extracurricular activities
    Shenzhen tourism, international cultural festivals, sports meets, Chinese poetry recitations, Chinese character competitions, etc.

    The program has an excellent team of teachers who have been teaching Mandarin as a foreign language for more than ten years. All teachers have an international Chinese teacher certificate, and most of them have the title of “professor” or have a doctorate degree.