Ink painters

Ink painting means Chinese painting, commonly known as “traditional Chinese painting”, Chinese ancient painting commonly used red, cyan, so it is called “Danqing”.

In ancient Chinese painting, water-soluble pigments were often used, and ink was the easiest thing to find. In ancient Chinese sketching, charcoal strips were used to draft and ink color was used to finalize the draft. A painting that only used black ink was called “ink painting”.

Ink painting can also describe the beauty of clever scenery, picturesque feeling. But the meaning of the word itself, of course, is general: with ink painting, painting, to write history.

Traditional Chinese painting has a long history. Before the Song Dynasty, paintings were made on silk, and the materials were expensive. Therefore, the subjects of traditional Chinese painting were mostly portraits of royal palaces and aristocrats or records of their lives.

After the Ming Dynasty, painting was promoted to the public and became a part of citizens’ life, hence the emergence of genre painting. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, the western style gradually spread to the east, and the painting materials were diversified, with the addition of western painting elements, which developed in many aspects.

There are many differences between the principles of Chinese painting and western painting, such as the emphasis on spirit likeness rather than shape likeness, the emphasis on observation and summary rather than scene copying, the use of scatter perspective rather than focus perspective, the emphasis on artistic conception rather than scene. The development of modern Chinese painting also began to absorb some techniques of western painting, such as the configuration of light and shade, the accuracy of human anatomy, etc., and some artists also applied the artistic conception of Chinese painting to oil painting creation

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