Shenzhen University began to recruit international students in China in 1987. So far, it has trained nearly 20,000 international students in China. In 2019, the school successfully passed the national study abroad quality certification.

The School of International Exchange is the central management department for international student work and the teaching unit for international students. It fully implements international student admissions, Chinese teaching and life management.

Based on the concept of multicultural education, the college aims to cultivate knowledgeable and friendly international students in China. These schools rely on the excellent subjects of the school, based on the environment, and facing the world. It has formed a variety of students with academic qualifications as the main body, and long-term and short-term Chinese students as a supplement to the hierarchical education model. The level of talent training in the college is divided into academic education and non-academic education. Academic education includes a master’s degree in international education in China, a bachelor’s degree in Chinese language and literature (language and culture, business Chinese), and non-academic education includes long-term language training and short-term language training for international students.

The college attaches great importance to the education, management and service of international students, and organizes international students to participate in various extracurricular activities every year, such as song and dance competitions, urban historical sites and traditional festivals. Among them, brand activities such as “Shenzhen University International Cultural Festival” and “Campus Cultural Messenger” are very popular among international students.

The college also pays attention to the cultivation of comprehensive talents for innovation and entrepreneurs, actively expands the internship and employment channels for international students, and uses the advantages of Shenzhen’s “dual districts” to provide effective talent support for the internationalization of Guangdong and Hong Kong. . Hong Kong, Macau and the Greater Bay Area.