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China has lived an astonishing growth in the past 40 years, going from a centrally planned economy to one that is driven by competitive forces. Today, we can regard China as a leading power in many strategic industries, such as: information technologies or clean energy production. One of the catalysts the allowed the country to spur and grow, is Shenzhen. Starting as a small finishing village, and then transformed into a key Special Economic Zone (SEZ) by President Deng Xiaoping, Shenzhen became the fastest growing city in history – and arguably the world’s capital for hardware technology.
The decision to undertake my Master in Finance at Peking University, in Shenzhen, was based on the idea that I would like to create a life in this country, due to the large number of opportunities that are given to young and motivated workers, like myself. Nevertheless, I also understand the importance of cultural integration, and this is the reason why I would like to dive into the Chinese language through the course offered at Shenzhen University. Your university is renown for its academic excellence inside and outside China, and for this reason I would like to join you and make my contribution.

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