Chinese knotting

The Chinese knot is a hand-woven handicraft, and the sentiment and wisdom displayed on it are just one aspect of the ancient civilization of the Han nationality. Because of its symmetrical and exquisite appearance, it can represent the long history of the Han nationality and conform to the customs and aesthetic concepts of traditional Chinese decoration, so it is named Chinese knot. In Chinese knots, there are multiple knots such as double money knot, button knot,, cross knot, lucky knot, pan-long knot, algae knot, double knot, bow knot, and triumphant knot. The Chinese knot represents unity, happiness and peace, especially among the folks. Its exquisite workmanship is deeply loved by the public.

The Chinese knot is not only beautiful in shape and diverse in colors. These, such as “More than good luck”, “Blessings and happiness”, “Double happiness”, “Auspicious wish”, “Good journey” and Chinese knots, all express warm and rich blessings and praises. And a masterpiece that conveys heartfelt prayers and wishes

The Chinese knot is knitted from beginning to end with a single thread, and each basic knot is named according to its shape and meaning. Combining different knot decorations with each other, or using other decorations with auspicious patterns to form a unique, colorful, profound meaning, and rich connotation of traditional Chinese auspicious decorations. The material is red thread. There are many types of thread, including silk, cotton, linen, nylon, blends, etc., which can be used for knitting. Under normal circumstances, not only the pattern of the knot is swallowed, but the beauty of the thread itself will also be Discoloration due to the interference of knot lines. The hardness of the thread should be moderate. If it is too hard, it will not only be inconvenient to operate during knitting, and the knot shape will not be easy to grasp. There is a dynamic rhythmic beauty in the swaying. With threads of different textures, different styles of works can be compiled.

Chinese knot art is a unique folk art of hand-knitting in China. With its unique oriental charm and colorful changes, it fully reflects the wisdom and profound cultural heritage of the Chinese people. In the process of Beijing’s bid to host the Olympic Games, the Chinese knot, as a symbol of Chinese traditional culture, is deeply loved by friends from all over the world.

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