Weekend Intensive Chinese Courses for 2021 Spring Semester

About the College

  1. Shenzhen University has trained up to20,000international students so far.
  2. The College of International Exchange (CIE) adopts amulticultural educationand provides a variety of Chinese language and cultural training courses.
  3. CIE boasts passionate faculty with extensive experience of teaching the Chinese language and has astrong reputationamong students with a retention rate of over 80%.
  4. The language courses and after-class practice offer students crucial insights tounderstand Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.
  5. Shenzhen University has beautiful campuses,convenient transportationand excellent facilities.
  6. Program

1.Program description

The program is aimed at students who live and work in Shenzhen and want to improve their Chinese on weekends. The program offers intensive Chinese courses to boost participants daily communication skills in Chinese. There are two study periods per semester, 8 week per period.

  1. Courses

(1) Elementary Integrated Chinese: basic Chinese grammar, vocabulary and sentence patterns (morning)

(2) Elementary Chinese Oral: everyday expressions (afternoon)

3.Target learners

Participants should have completed 300 credit hours in Chinese or learned 600 words. 


The program boasts excellent faculty who have been engaged in the teaching of Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language for more than a decade. All faculty members have the International Chinese teacher certificate and most of them have the title of professor or are PhD-holders.

5.Class schedule:

(1)Period 1: Saturday, 9:30-11:50am13:00-15:20, March 6th to April 24th

(2)Period 2: Saturday, 9:30-11:50am13:00-15:20, May 8th to June 26th

  1. Venue

College of International Exchange

  1. Minimum class size: 10
  2. Fee: 3,600 yuan

III. Features

  1. Weekend courses give youextra flexibilityand have a limited, manageable impact on your work. 
  2. You can participate in theChinese Corneron weekdays to practice Chinese speaking skills with students majoring in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages online.