Holders of an X1 visa issued by Chinese embassies and consulates overseas can apply for a residence permit for study within 30 days of entry.

1.    Required Documents:

(1)   Original of passport

(2)   A valid JW202 form

(3)   Admission Letter

(4)   registration form of accommodation

(5)   Physical examination report of visa for foreigners

(6)   Visa photos and a photo receipt

(7)   Make an appointment on the official website of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau http://ga.sz.gov.cn/, and then print out the “Foreigner Visa Application Form”

(8)   Study residence permit survey form for the first time to apply

(9)  Letter of guarantee from college

2.   Application Procedures

(1)  Entry to China

(2)  Registration For Study

(3)  Prepare visa documents

(4)  Apply at the 320 Visa Office of the College of International Exchange

(5)  Go to Shenzhen Public Security Bureau to submit documents

(6)   After you get the Study residence permit, submit one copy to 320 visa office

(7)  Go to the police station to update accommodation registration

3.    Application Department

   Exit Entry Administration Office of Nanshan Branch of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau

   Address: 3018 Nanshan Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen (The bus station is Nanshan Public Security Bureau)

Consulting Hotline:84466158

Processing time: 7 working days, if investigation is required, the investigation time is excluded

Processing fee: 400 yuan within one year, 800 yuan over one year

4.    Note:

(1)  During the study period, the study residence permit can be extended when it expires. The extension does not require a medical report. Please check whether the JW202 form is expired. If the JW202 form is expired, you can apply a new one from admissions office two months before the expiration of the residence permit.

In addition, attendance records and final examination transcripts of the last semester should be provided. Attendance of each subject should be more than 80% and the grade should be more than pass. If the requirements are not met, the application may be rejected.

(2)  The address registered on the accommodation registration form must be within the administrative jurisdiction of Shenzhen, other addresses outside of Shenzhen is not allowed to apply for visa in Shenzhen. The registration address must be a long-stay address. If you live in a hotel, you must have the certificate which can proof you will live for more than three months.