• Campus Activities

    “Zongzi” in the whole world-the activity of making rice dumplings for international students during the Dragon Boat Festival

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  • An invitation from China

    You will find a country that is very different from your own culture: listen to a language that is harmonious and …

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  • Student Use Insurance Guide

    We are committed to providing students with well-researched and first-class services.

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  • School life

    With our Flexible timing your thirst for knowledge will not be hampered by your busy schedule.

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  • Welcome to Shenzhen University

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    Shenzhen University, these things you should know

    The University proactively promotes “internationalization in talents training, research cooperation, faculty development, and cultural exchanges.” It has worked with 256 overseas universities to provide high-quality student exchange programs, joint degree programs, research collaborations, and a variety of other forms of international collaboration and partnerships.


    Shenzhen University is worth visiting and studying for every international student

    One of the best universities in China;
    Get a better education;
    One of the most beautiful cities in China;
    One of the most concentrated metropolises of technology industry

    Have a good level of education

    With excellent tutors and well-structured courses, foreign students can quickly integrate Chinese into China. It is very close to Hong …

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    Quickly learn Chinese culture

    One of the most beautiful cities in China, a civilized city, and the best choice for many international students.

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    Higher education

    Shenzhen University is an outstanding and top quality university in China, besides the city has became an international tech hub …

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    Globally Focused

    Reasons for the best choice: Shenzhen is a beautiful and developed city and high-tech center in China; the knowledge gained …

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